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Lonely Alien discovers, creates and content for the digital world, any day, every day. Whether it’s documentaries, corporate websites or public interest campaigns, we aim to amaze.


Wakati started as an innovation project by Arne Pauwels at University of Antwerp. The technology and product enables fruits and vegetables to be stored for a significantly longer time without use of cooling. A humid atmosphere inside the tent protects the crops and makes sure they don't dry out and rot.

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Hunter Falls

Brand development, Social media, Video productions

We do design. Code your website. Shoot some photos. Put you on film. Make sure people see it.


Angelica Bengtsson

Brand development, Social media, Web Design


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I’d like to apologise for my sick mind already


discover the potential

We have an open-mindedness about you and your brand. The goal is to achieve a clear vision for what you’re doing, why it’s not working and how we’re going to make it work.

create a valuable solution

We rely on a broad selection of skills in both digital and physical worlds to get the job done. From start to finish, whatever strategy or solution gets the idea across gets our pick.

share the done goods

We work hard, for you! And for our portfolio. We continue to strive for a balance between excellent quality work and a fast delivery. Let's toast to our finished project!


Stuff that tickles our special places

aerial videography. reactive javascript. customer resource management tools. motion design. slide decks. wonky sql syntax. getting stuff to work at 3am. fruit. useless slack messages. varying types of cookies. carefully designed monospaced fonts.

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