We share our enthusiasm, infrastructure and skills with a broad community of talented creatives. Together we create impact with video.

Michael Gykiere

Chief Alien. Part-time director and creative thinker. Runs daily operations and flies little drones around the office.

Olivier De Niel

Chief Operations Alien. Services the landline between us, agencies and tribe members. Changes his mail app often.

Jimi Robaer

Chief Workflow Alien. Oversees workflow and implementation thereof. Maintains the servers. Don't touch them.

Guus Fluit

Proudly runs the jam-packed sound studio. Often plays the piano, and swivels on his chair like a real DJ.

Joep Strik

Runs the online marketing side of things. Get's happy when automation does his work. Lorem ipsum dolor...

Nathan Marques

Maintains development frameworks and assists Jimi whenever necessary. Has a cat called Barry.

Niels Van Roy

Our dreamer, illustrator and animator extraordinaire. Has the unusual skill of talking backwards. gniddik ton ma I.

Helena Goris

Assists Joep whenever his automations fail and he needs his sidekick to clean up all the mess. Likes to bake.

Tuur Oosterlinck

Our video handyman. Switches from filming to planning to post-production faster than you can say 'Cut'.

Thomas Schurmans

Photographe de la maison. Armed with a camera in one hand, his eyes peeled for that a cool shot.


Work at or run an agency & want to create impact with video for your client.


A collective that has been working with video when it was still a frame.